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Ami Davis

Founder, CEO 

Lead Consultant

LGBTQ Specialist

Youth Advocate/Mentor

Personal Trainer/Wellness Coach

- B.A. Psychology from California Baptist University 

- Ordained Minister, ULC 

- NASM Certified Personal Trainer, 

       *Youth Exercise Specialization

       *Nutrition Coaching Specialization

- Nutrition Diploma, Alison 2018

*10 Years Speaking & Education Experience

* 6 Years Non-profit Experience; Youth Advocacy, Outreach, Engagement, and Management

("at-risk" & GSM youth specialization)

* 7 Years Youth Mentoring - Social, Emotional Learning 

* 4 Years Drug/Alcohol Prevention;  


Ami has been featured in many publications from the California Association of School Counselors, San Bernardino County Department of Behavioral Health Newsletter, "The Bad Kids" Documentary and more! 

Ami Davis is a dynamic, engaging, and even comedic presenter with charisma and an openness that makes learning fun and creates long-lasting impact. Ami consistently creates an equitable and safe learning environment for all folks; encourages open and honest dialogue; facilitates connection; and engages with the audience in mutual respect, compassion, patience, and understanding. She combines educational lecture with personal story-telling, humor, and action items to create a truly transformative and immediately applicable training experience.


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Ami is the Author of "25 Years of Words, Don't Mind the Mess"


Anne-Michelle Meyer

Photographer for "25 Years of Words"

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