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"Who has time for that?!"

"Who has time for that?!"

The short answer: "You do actually, we all do."

Okay, here I go. This is a fiery one and it's about a 7 minute read.

LANGUAGE WARNING! If you are offended by curse words, you may want to sit this one out. I am a very passionate person and when I get fired up about things, I tend to curse....a lot.

ALSO: I am NOT drive thru shaming. Nor am I trying to make you feel bad for utilize them. I do too, when I absolutely have to. I am not anti-drive-thrus. This just happens to be the situation that I saw that catapulted this rant. You can fill in the blank with whatever other time waster here.

Back story: I am doing a mental toughness challenge called 75 Hard. It was created by Andy Frisella who I think is a mad man, but also a genius, which is how it always happens - isn't it? Anyway, this challenge includes (for 75 days straight): following a diet plan with no cheat meals and no alcohol; drinking a gallon of water a day; doing 2 (45 minute minimum) workouts per day and 1 has to be outdoors; read 10 pages a day; take a progress picture every day. This is meant to establish a foundation for discipline and the restructuring of how we utilize time.

That being said, I get asked and/or it gets commented all the time, "nobody has time for that," or "how do you do all that," "I couldn't do that, I don't have time." TIME TIME TIME....that's the excuse always.

Well, here's the thing, for some folks I can understand that and some people really, actually don't have time to add anything more than they already do every day. HOWEVER, that is INCREDIBLY rare. Maybe an ER doctor who is either working or on call every day of their life during a busy season who has to sleep at the hospital just to get 2 or 4 hours of rest a day or military or law enforcement....I get it for some folks in some fields.

The majority though. You all are lying to yourself.

WARNING: this is about to get honest, which can very easily be misinterpreted as "mean" or "harsh." If you can't handle that, this is your last chance to bail. Just saying.

In addition to the 75 stuff, I have a dog I need to walk twice a day; I have a job (multiple actually); I have a home to look after and general life things; I am building my own company and currently enrolled in multiple certification courses. I will say this, I don't have children and I am single so I have some flexibility there, I understand.

Now, back to this talk on time. Let me ask you some things...

In a given day or even week:

How much time do you spend on your phone or computer just scrolling a day? TIME IT

How much time do you spend laying in bed snoozing your alarm clock? TIME IT

How much time do you spend watching TV or movies? TIME IT

How much time do you spend chit chatting and BSing with your friends or coworkers? TIME IT

I want you to actually start timing how much time you spend doing things that DO NOT benefit you. Times that by 2 and you'll get the minimum amount of time and productivity you'd gain by shifting those things.

Many people think that I sacrifice sleep or that I over-caffeinate to do all these things, nope! In fact, I am sure that I get either more or better sleep than most of you and probably ingest less caffeine.

Let me provide an example of a day in my life, before you freak out just know that I was not always "a morning person." I was not always someone who enjoyed the gym/being active and I damn sure was not always someone that had the discipline to do these things and establish these new habits. It takes TIME, it takes EFFORT, it takes PRACTICE but most importantly, it takes GETTING STARTED...which requires severe honesty with YOURSELF, which can hurt your little feelings. Oh well. Growth is painful, it's hard but always worth it.

This is a day when I work locally....

(night before = sleep at say 10pm)

Up at 6am (because I get my 8 hours for real) take progress pic and start in on my water intake

(drink water all day, tracking it)

Protein coffee (1st meal) + check my e-mail & other messages and respond + my 10 pages of reading

645-730 Briskly walk my dog while doing my Spanish lesson (45 minutes, this is my outdoor workout)

Shower, get ready for work

Work 8-4 (walk during lunch & break(s)

415 - 5 Gym after work (second workout 45+ minutes)

Home by 530 - shower and change, walk my dog

Done by 6pm(ish) with all things which means I can blog, work on my website, whatever else I need to do.

- That's 12 out of the 16 hours we are up, still getting enough sleep.

Now, you tell me. What do YOU do with your TIME?

Are you one of the crazy amounts of people that I saw the other night in the In & Out drive-thru forever?!

I swear to God, I drove by and saw at least 30-40 cars in this drive-thru the other night at 8pm. THE AMOUNT OF TIME IT WOULD TAKE TO ACTUALLY GET THROUGH THERE AND ORDER THEN GET YOUR FOOD THEN GET HOME THEN EAT IT....THAT'S HALF OF YOUR GOD DAMNED DAY!

You just WASTED all that TIME for UNHEALTHY habits when you could have SAVED TIME by going to the store, buying fresh food, going home, preparing and eating it. You could've been in your PJs watching your favorite show already having had your home cooked, healthier dinner by the time you made through that damn drive thru line.

HOW LONG DO YOU SPEND IN DRIVE-THRUS?! Riddle me that, Batman! You Starbucks fiends, how much time in line there?! When you could easily make your own coffee, which would be healthier anyway because you'd be in control and more aware of the sugar and BS that goes into it. (I'll save you some here, get yourself some Cinnamon Cookie Batter Level 1 protein, blend that into your morning coffee and VIOLA, a delicious, caffeinated meal replacement. You're welcome. You can get Level 1 here:

https://1stphorm.com/collections/meal-replacement-proteins/products/level-1?a_aid=ami and no, no other brand protein will be the same.)

How much time do you spend on Netflix?! Or your favorite computer/phone game?!

Listen, DO YOU BOO. For real. BUT! Don't you dare spend 30+ minutes at Starbucks and then 30+ minutes at In & Out in the drive thrus just sitting in your car and THEN proceed to tell me that you "DON'T HAVE TIME" to drink water or go for a walk or prepare a good meal...same goes for the Netflix or game situations...

And don't tell me you commute either. I commute 2.5 hours one way for some of my work and I still get everything done on those days, it's just earlier, which means I have to go to bed earlier...so what?! During my commute I am listening to audible books about business, self-development, and/or topics that apply to my work. I am listening to my study materials, etc...

AND ANOTHER THING! Don't try to tell me either, like I used to tell myself, that you're just so tired at the end of the day. Fine! Go for a walk or to the gym in the morning! OR, just a fun fact, you know what is an AWESOME treatment for tiredness/lack of energy/not getting quality sleep/down mood/etc...???? MOVEMENT and EATING WELL. The more you move, the more able you are to move! :) You're welcome. There's your free coaching tip of the post.

SO let's check out a day in my life two years ago in comparison:

Go to bed whenever the F

Alarm goes off at 6, snooze it for at least 30 minutes, wake up rushed and panicked about being late but still gotta

make my coffee and have my smoke..have my coffee with tons of sugary creamer and my morning cigarette.

(I know, we all make mistakes. Don't judge me.)

Check my phone, scroll for a while (social media, of course no emails or anything)

Shower and get ready

(I had a yard and didn't;t have to walk the dog then)

Work 8-4 (day dream about having a drink on my lunch/break(s) - hit a drive thru and maybe take a car, power nap

Get home and have a drink which leads to more of those..complain about whatever I feel like that day; turn on the TV and watch some stupid show that I don't care about or turn on my video game for a few hours; maybe heat up a hot pocket after a few drinks,

Go to bed.

These two scenarios utilize the SAME AMOUNT of TIME....what's different?

Me. The person. The control. The choices. That's it you guys.

I am not superhuman. I don't magically have more time in a day than other people. I CHOOSE TO USE MY TIME WELL and you can too! I didn't always live my life this way, as many of you know and can attest. Both of those scenarios are super true for me so if I can make these shifts, JESUS H CHRIST so can ANYONE!

The fact of the matter is, you won't until you get sick of yourself....sick enough to actually do something about it. I don't want that for you, but for many, it's part of the process.

We have to be able to, to want to, we have to destroy who we were to become who we're meant to be. That is a scary thought, I know. But it is worth it, trust me.

The more tasks you have in a day, the more your day seems to open up I tell you. You start to trim the fat. You start to be more intentional. You start to value your time and energy and thus YOURSELF more. You start to narrow in on what is really important to you and I will tell you what, the more focused on that you get - the more what you love and value will come into your life!

I got into fitness because I want to help people who are the "2 years ago" me or some version thereof. I want to help inspire, encourage, and guide folks to their best, strongest, most productive selves because the value, self-esteem/confidence, and amazing life transformations that come from that are INSANE and wonderful and beautiful and I want that for you! I want that for everyone...so I will help in any and every way that I can and you'll let me.

Some times though, that means I have to call you out when you're being a time wasting FOOL spending 30+ minutes in a God damned drive thru!

Oh, sorry, and for the record I friggin LOVE In & Out and Starbucks, delicious shit! Nothing against them, obviously they have good shit or those long lines wouldn't exist. No hate on em and no shame enjoying their products....on occasion...in moderation...and not when it takes up YOUR ENTIRE FRIGGIN MORNING/NIGHT SITTING IN YOUR CAR WAITING FOR THEM!

Okay, *deep breath* I'm okay. No one HAS the time. Some select few are just committed to MAKING the time.

The thing is this. I am not trying to judge anyone or make anyone feel bad for the choices they make in life. That is certainly not my place nor intention, ever. I just want you to be real with yourself, please. If you want to waste your time, cool! Go for it, do you. If that burger is really worth that much to you, go for it, no judgment. But just be aware, please, and OWN THAT if it is your truth.

Just be aware, please. Food industries lie to us all the time. Marketing is designed to make money, not to keep you healthy. In my opinion, even the "health" industry lies and is designed to make money *cough INSURANCE COMPANY & PHARMA cough* And this is what bothers me so much. Because that was me. I was someone who listened to my Dr. and took pills instead of making healthier choices. I drank skinny tea and took diuretics instead of drinking more water and moving more. I did this because I didn't know any better and that's what was around me as "information," as the "to-do." And it could've killed me. Be it diabetes, obesity, heart disease, hormone imbalance, etc... it is slowly killing all of us and will succeed in that if we let it.

In calm, controlled closing: please take a moment today to take a serious look at how you spend your time and energy. Spot a place or two where you could give even a few minutes to work in something productive, something healthy, something that's going to help you look, feel, or perform better. Do that. Then the next day, do it again. Then when that little, few minutes thing becomes engrained in your daily routine, find another place for a few minutes or expand that one thing a bit...baby steps are fine, they are great! But please, take some sort of step. All we've got on this planet is a little bit of time, every moment of it should count toward something wonderful and beautiful...don't you think?!?

I'm not mad because people eat at in & out or use drive thrus. I jus know what it's like to operate blind in this area and do the best you can with the information you

have, which turns out to be terrible information. I don't want to see you make the same mistakes I did.

I just love you guys and I want you to be around a long, long time. And I don't want you to have to struggle to do so any more than maybe you already have. That's all.

I do and I wish that for you. And as always, if you want some help with this, I'd love to help in any way I can! Comment or e-mail me a day in your life and let's see if I can help you make the time.


I love you, that's all.

- Ami