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Tips for burning fat.

So, I was about to post some websites to some info and articles about this when I realized that I want to be the one to guide you here. There is so much information out there about "burn fat fast" blah blah blah

Here's the cold, dark, brilliant truth: it's pretty much all bullshit.

Remember that multiple truths can exist at the same time. They can be correct and bullshit at the same time:

Now, it is accurate mostly, but also bullshit. Sure, not eating for a few days will force your body to lost "weight," because it is eating it's own organ tissue...but this is not the FAT LOSS we want. I will blog about Fat V. Weight loss later.

Let me clarify: can certain fat burners or drinks or diet styles/training help you burn more fat, yes.

But really, chances are you're going to gain it right back unless it's done correctly. The goal is sustainability, commitment, dedication.


The diet that works best is the one you'll follow.

The training the works best is the one you'll do.

This journey is not about finding some "secret" key to unlock your fat burning. It is YOU vs. YOU. There is no magic powder or pills or training or diet that is going to magically get you to your goal without YOU DOING THE WORK....CONSISTENTLY.

So, you want to know the best tip(s) on how to burn fat?

  1. Drink your water: 100-128 oz a day minimum.

  2. Move your body: 40 minutes or more EVERY DAY. Full body, HiiT circuits are awesome, quick & effective! DO NOT FORGET TO WEIGHT TRAIN.

  3. Don't eat trash. The less refined sugars, the better! (Simple: cut soda, candy, chips/snacky shit, highly processed shit; increase fruits and veggies and lean meats...REAL food)

  4. Get enough protein. (1g per pound of body weight goal - i.e. my goal is 120 lbs; my protein is set at 120g/day)

  5. Repeat.

  6. And then again...

  7. and again...

  8. EVERY


  10. DAY

Now, are there tools to help us get there? Absolutely. But if you want to burn fat: DO THE FUCKING WORK.

I love you enough to tell you the truth, chances are you're not doing one or all of the following:

You aren't drinking enough water.

You aren't exercising enough.

You aren't following your macro plan.

Maybe it's that you're not sleeping enough or eating enough; maybe your Spiritual health needs attention. My point here is...we ALL have something that can be done, better. We can all hit our protein more consistently or not skip a workout when we "don't feel like it." We can all improve SOMEWHERE.

Find you somewhere, narrow your sight on it...and GET. AFTER. IT!



You get one thing more locked in, awesome! What's next??

Success is being able to acknowledge even the "smallest" wins while in the next moment, asking: "what's next?" How do we keep moving, improving, pushing??? Find that next thing and repeat. Hit a goal, big or small: "rinse" (set a new one) and repeat.

If your goal is to burn body fat...you have to SWEAT!! It has to be HARD! You have to struggle to breathe a little bit (please don't like die or have an asthma attack or something, though).

Fact of the matter is this: IT WILL BE HARD. IT MUST BE.

Diamonds are only valuable because they are RARE in that they survived so much PRESSURE. BE A FUCKING DIAMOND. Welcome that pressure; know it is on your side.

I appreciate you, Rhianna...but don't just shine like one MOFOs....cubic zirconium shines bright like a diamond but it damn sure isn't as valuable...don't be a fake, a fraud, a wanna be..don't just talk the talk....BECOME A DIAMOND.

You want to burn fat? MOVE. CONSISTENTLY. Eat less crap. Put down the GOT DAMN fries and hot chips and soda BULLSHIT. That is poison and it is killing you and YOU are the one putting it into your body.

HEAR ME: (for some and their health status)...YOU ARE SLOWLY BUT SURELY KILLING YOURSELF by doing shit like that. Stop it.

Stop telling your coach that you're following the program then having ice cream for dinner (even though I still really love my clients that do that)...stop it!

We know this, we see this all the time: Suzy jumps into the program, starts drinking her water and moving her body, she drops a pound or two and is so excited about it that she takes her family out to dinner where she over eats and drinks alcohol.....

Hmm... 🤔 a "celebration" by this mode of thinking...should mean moving against all the hard work we just did??? I don't think that's going to work, do you?

It takes 66 days to develop a habit. Today is your day 1.

It is not necessarily knowledge you lack. I can help you with that and in this group, we all do help to educate each other. It's not that, the power is in the application. I can teach you evvvverything there is to know about nutrition and exercise but guess what?? It means JACK SHIT if you don't apply it or if you only apply it "some times"..well then, okay and that's cool, but just know that your results, too, will be there for you...some times. 😕

GET IN IT. STAY THERE. DO NOT BE MOVED, unless it's by YOU, moving YOU forward.

Join me live on Thursday 8/6/20 at 10:00 am PST for Thursday Thoughts..I'll be ranting about how the food industry is not helpful to us.

K, love you. Byyyyye! 💪🏼❤️🙏🏻