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Mx. Ami M.S. Davis


ACE score: 9 of 10

Resiliency score: 50 of 52

Love Warrior


Real Colors: Blue, Gold, Green


Restorative - Input - Achiever - Strategic - Learner

☀️ Aquarius 🌙 Virgo ⬆️ Pisces

Enneagram: 7, 5, 3, 9 - Enthusiast, Investigator, Achiever, Peacemaker


Evercoach Certified Life Coach

Certified 6 Phase Meditation Guide


BA psych from California Baptist University

Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist; Certified Family Trauma Professional; Certified Trauma Support Specialist; Certified: Trauma Informed Skills (working with Traumatized Youth);

Mindfulness Based CBT;

Teaching Mindfulness in Juvenile Justice


NASM CPT, GFI, CNC with youth exercise, online training, plant based diets, & behavior change specializations


Favorite Self Care Practices: Time with my person and my pups; the gym; meditation/prayer; and massage.


Favorite books: The Body Keeps the Score; What Happened to You; The Code of the Extraordinary Mind; The Deepest Well; The Happiness Advantage; Atomic Habits; Think Like a Monk; (I can go on for days. I love to read! I attached a list down below :)


The ways that I am blessed to get to experience joy in this life: I live in the most beautiful place (sunny San Diego, CA) with with my amazing person. I get full of love and joy spending time with her (especially traveling and adventuring together), fitness, spirituality, riding my motorcycles, the beach or anything near water, being with my puppies, rock climbing, hiking, Spartan races; anything outdoors. I love being active with the beings I care about most. 


I strive for and enjoy most: being of service, contributing, and trying to leave every person, every conversation, every environment, and this planet better than I found it 💪🏼❤️🙏🏼



I believe in personal integrity, which for me means: honesty, connectedness, service, responsibility, and respect for all.

I believe in authenticity and that if there is not space for you as you are, it would be a gift to the world to create one. That's how The Acadami was created.


My value word is: Authenticity.

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Instagram, Facebook (sorry, that's it)


Ami is the Author of "25 Years of Words, Don't Mind the Mess"

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