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"I Love Me Because..."

JHHS 21-22 I Love Me
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Jurupa Hills High School 21-22 Q-Acadami Mentees

The "Q-Acadami" Mentoring

Mentoring and socio-emotional learning designed specifically for LGBTQIA+ and Ally Youth. 

Some of the lessons include:

  • LGBTQ History

    • Former V. Current hardships & celebrating successes​

  • Learning about and celebrating our LGBTQ POC (People Of Color) leaders in history

  • Managing emotions & healthy coping

  • Health disparities among LGBTQ folks and how to address them​

  • Healthy Relationships

  • Utilizing creativity to help focus in school​​

  • Study skills

  • Health & wellness:​​​

    • Exercise & eating well

      • Physical health​

    • Meditation/mindfulness​

      • Spiritual health​

    • Sleep habits

    • Mental health 

AND more!

Designed for secondary (grades 7-12) LGBTQIA+ students and their allies. This program is voluntary and open; all lessons are designed with Queer students in mind. 

These groups are up to 20 students and include activities, video/visual lessons; open discussion; lecture style lessons; and guided topic support style sessions. 

Self-esteem focused
Group Projects:

For this project, our Mentees wrote down lies or stereotypes that have been assigned to them based on identity, orientation, culture, etc. They tore and cut those up, we recycled the paper making a new poster board, on which they decided together to write: "VALUABLE" for the word that best speaks to their truth.

Socio-emotional Learning Groups


Each individual has unique needs and all mentoring conversations are treated with confidentiality. Some of the most frequent topics covered are:

  • Academics/grades: specific tutoring style and study program planning design and monitoring

  • Social support: learning to maneuver with such experiences as social anxiety, feeling outcasted; how to talk to peers

  • Coming out: to family, to friends; is it a good idea? Role play: "how to" and "what ifs"

  • Coping with healing from past suicidal ideation/self-harm; invasive thoughts​​ (all facilitators are mandated reporters)

This aspect of the program allows for the students to be heard on more individual and specific topics. Those with parental consent are able to meet with a LGBTQ mentor, their facilitator, to get unique guidance and support.

Your facilitator works with your counseling department to ensure they are receiving training on LGBTQ awareness & language; gender support plans; supporting Trans students (legally and ethnically); common hardships and how to address them; and more! 

All professional development topics that The Acadami offers are open to any school providing The Q-Acadami Program to their site. 

The Q-Acadami includes, as needed, school-wide professional development for all staff with the option of District-wide events.


One on One Mentoring


School-wide Professional Development & Support

Does your school or district need our services?
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Q-Acadami Student Resources

(more resources available for teachers, administration, and staff on The Acadami Resources page)

The Trevor Project

LGBTQ Youth specific 24/7/365 suicide prevention information, resources, and crisis counseling. 

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Website

LGBTQ Student Rights (and more) Information & Resource


LGBTQ Student Rights Handout

Each Mind Matters

LGBTQ Mental Health Resources

California Safe Schools

California Safe School law information and resources (AB 537)

Transgender Law Center

A Toolkit to give to your Advocate & Ally Teachers

This is a guide from San Diego Unified outlining how to the adults around you can help support you, legally.

GSA Network 

Gender and Sexuality alliance network - great support for GSA clubs


Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network. LGBTQ student support, teacher/Advisor guides, research, and more!

Gender Spectrum

LGBTQ resources and support including downloadable guides; Gender Support plans; training and media; conference information and more!

National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE)

LGBTQ Student Rights; Transgender equality resources and information

Latino Equality Alliance

UndocuQueer Health Resource Guide

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