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“Education is the most powerful weapon, which you can use to change the world.”

Nelson Mandela

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For Schools

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Law Enforcement

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Workshops & Keynote


Our inspiring speakers provide energetic, engaging, motivational Keynote presentations full of "a-ha" and "oh-yeah!" Our speakers embody our motto and share it with every audience member. They will be sure to ignite and fire up your group, Elevate them on deeply profound levels, and Empower them to get out in the world in a powerful way.


To find the right human ignition for your event, click below and send us some information about your needs! 

Conference Workshop(s)

The Acadami provides educational workshops at conference, symposium, and other learning-based events. 

Contact us for your next staff retreat, conference event, or training and development symposium. 

Workshop Topics: 

  • Trauma Informed Care

  • Positive Youth Development 

  • Suicide Prevention 

  • Bullying Prevention

  • LGBTQ Awareness:

    • Level 1 - Introduction; General Language and Concepts (2-4 hours)

    • Level 2 - Unpacking "Intersectionality" and Bias (2-4 hours)

  • LGBTQ, Specific: 

    • Working with (and outreach to) Commercially Sexually Exploited Children CSEC that Identify LGBTQ (1-3 hours)

    • Unique Considerations for working at the intersection of LGBTQ and Human Trafficking (1-3 hours)

    • Working (and Outreach to) with Homeless/Foster LGBTQ Youth (1-3 hours)

    • Helping Navigate LGBTQ Identities and Faith 

                      ...and more, contact us!


Professional Development & Capacity Building

Depending on need and initial assessment, The Acadami may provide any of the following professional development sessions for your business, agency, school/district, community group, faith-based leaders, and/or meeting sessions. 

Topics could include: 

  • Admin: Compassionate education for change

    • How to get resistant folks on board to support LGBTQ folks​

  • District: Increasing capacity for diversity within your staff

    • How to create a LGBTQ affirming & inviting employer, work space​

  • Counselors: Helping students & families navigate Queer identities and faith


  • Increasing capacity to work with LGBTQ students and families

  • LGBTQ Language & Concepts (101)

  • Trends within LGBTQ Youth 

    • Suicide​, self-harm

    • Identities 

    • Orientations

    • Behaviors

      • And how to address them appropriately

  • Helping families find resources and support for their LGBTQ youth 

  • Bullying Prevention 

  • Suicide Prevention 

          and more! Contact Us!

For Schools

One on One or Small Group Coaching

One on One Consultations will be provided only after initial assessments by Specialist to determine need and appropriate Acadami representative. 

Offered via phone, skype, or in person:

  • Gender Support Planning for Students ​

  • Policy Drafting, Suggested Practice

  • SOGIe Data Collection Guidance

  • Private/Family Consultation, navigating LGBTQ identities 

  • Private Guidance for Counselors/Administration, Supporting LGBTQ Students and Families 

  • Private Guidance on Navigating LGBTQ Identities and Faith; Queer Spirituality

  • GSA Club Capacity Building:

    • Inspiring Students​

      • How to create a sustainable group​

    • Impact Ideas

      • How to make a positive impact on campus ​

    • Resources

    • Advisor Training 

      • How to empower students to keep momentum from year to year ​

Compliance & Legislation

These workshops are uniquely designed to fulfill requirements and/or suggested training requirements for specific California Legislation such as AB 1266, AB 827, AB 2246, AB 1856, and AB 2153.

AB 1266 - Equal Opportunity & Access (Transgender Students, Bathrooms, and Sports Teams) 

Ab 827 - Student Safety (LGBTQ)

AB 2246 - Suicide Prevention Mandate (LGBTQ)

AB 2153 - Teacher in Service LGBTQ Requirement    

AB 1856 - Foster/Adoptive Agency & Parent Training (LGBTQ)


  • LGBTQ Awareness, General Language and Concepts  

  • Suicide Prevention (LGBTQ Specific available)

  • Creating Gender Support Plans, Supporting LGBTQ Students


Law Enforcement


Law Enforcement LGBTQ/PREA

  • LGBTQ Awareness, Sensitivity, Inclusion – 4 Hour (Non-Sworn)

    • Language

    • Sensitivity  

    • Respectful conversation/interaction

      • Clients​

      • Colleagues 

    • Personal/Professional bias

  • LGBTQ/PREA – 8 Hour (Sworn)

    • Language

    • Sensitivity  

    • Respectful conversation/interaction

      • Clients​

      • Colleagues

    • Personal/Professional bias 

    • PREA background & guidelines 

    • Suggested Practices

    • Policy, Procedure

    • Sexual Orientation Gender Identity Data

      • Forms​

      • Interviews/Intake

      • Policy

      • Procedure

Law Enforcement Trauma Informed Care

  • Trauma Informed Care – 8 Hour (Sworn)

    • ACE’s

      • Adverse Childhood Experiences​

    • Trauma and the brain

    • Trauma-based behaviors

    • Reacting V. Responding

    • Secondary Trauma

    • Compassion Fatigue

    • Transference 

    • Self-care

The Acadami Events


Resource Vendor

The Acadami loves getting out and spending time with our communities. 
If you need a resource and have an event coming up, we would love to support! 
Contact us to ask about our vendor table and resource services.

More Acadami Specialties

Training for Foster/Adoptive Agencies

Training for Community Meetings

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  • LGBTQ Language & Concepts Overview (101)

  • Unique Considerations - Working with LGBTQ Populations

  • Unique Considerations of LGBTQ CSEC Survivors 

    • Commercially Sexually Exploited Children 

    • Unique Tactics of Abusers & Traffickers 

  • Intimate Partner Violence

    • LGBTQ ​

  • Trauma Informed Care

  • Positive Youth Development

  • Adverse Childhood Experiences

    • Toxic Stress

  • "Stash Stuff" - How your kids are hiding things (drugs) from you.​​


              and more! Contact us. 

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AB 1856 - Foster/Adoptive Agency & Parent Training (LGBTQ)

  • LGBTQ Awareness (101) 

    • Language ​

    • Concepts

    • Sensitivity 

  • Unique Considerations for LGBTQ Youth in Care

    • Prevalence​

      • Unique experiences leading to system involvement ​​

      • Homelessness

    • Barriers to service

    • Unique experiences while in care

      • Trauma​

      • Discrimination

      • Targeted bullying/harassment

      • Disconnection

      • Distrust of providers

      • Stigma


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