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LGBTQ+ Health & Well-being Guide

By Drugwatch

LGBTQ Addiction & Recovery Support

LGBTQ affirming alcohol and other drug rehab, recovery, information and supports.

Financial Resources for LGBTQ+ 

LGBTQ+ youth financial and social resources.

Law Enforcement Resources

Reports, Research, PREA Resources


Suggested movies, Documentaries, Books, and more


Relevant studies and data about LGBTQ topics - many cited in The Acadami trainings

The Acadami Training Handout

After attending a training, start here

Inland Empire
LGBTQ Resource Guide

Thanks to the LGBTQ Awareness Sub-Committee

LGBTQ Info & Resources

 - Ideal for Parents, Students, School Folks

Supporting LGBTQ Youth & Families

The Acadami Training Resources

Supplemental handouts, graphics, and more.
If you have attended an Acadami training recently, start here!

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LGBTQ Language & Concepts Guide

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Improving LGBTQ Health Disparities Report


This is a guide of terms and concepts to help refresh your memory long after the training is complete. 

We hope this will be a companion to your continued efforts of learning. 

The Acadami does not own the information nor graphics shown in the handout. This is a learning tool, only. Please read disclaimer(s) on document.

Training Graphics

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These are the info-graphics shared during the LGBTQ 101 Training, as well as, other graphics that may be helpful when discussing LGBTQ topics.

LGBTQ Health Report

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Inland Empire LGBTQ Resource Guide

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LGBTQ Info & Resources

 Ideal for Parents, Students, School Folks

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Each Mind Matters - CA LGBTQ Mental Health Resources

Gender, Sexuality Alliance Network Website
This is a great site for schools; Gay/Straight Alliance (Unity, Equity, Gender/Sexuality) Clubs

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Gender Spectrum is a wonderful non-profit from Northern California.

This site has great information and resources for schools, parents, youth, and families. 

GLSEN - Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network. 

This site has many school, counselors, and education resources. This is the home of the GLSEN Climate Study, assessing LGBTQ safety in schools every 2 years. 

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The Trevor Project 

This site is a suicide prevention site with amazing resources for parents and families including 24/7 suicide prevention and crisis intervention services via chat, text, or call.

TransFamily Support Services

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The Gender Phluid Collective

LGBTQ Digital &

Faith-Based Resources

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LGBTQ Information from California Teachers Association

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University of Minnesota -

Using gender neutral pronouns in writing help guide

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University of Minnesota - 
LGBT Resource Center: Gender Pronouns

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National Queer & Trans Therapists of Color Network 


Law Enforcement Resources

The Acadami Law Enforcement Services

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LGBT People and the Prison Rape Elimination Act 

Fenway Report of Best Practices

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2018 Legislation 

Emerging Best Practices - NIC - DOJ

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American Psychological Association

PREA Resource Center - Statistics


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"Creating Gender Inclusive Schools"

A documentary following a one school district as they implement and navigate specific tactics to creating more inclusive schools. Hear from administration, teachers, students, and families take this on together for the betterment of their community.

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"Gender Revolution" with Katie Couric

A documentary from National Geographic exploring sex, gender identities, culture, and more!
"Gender Revolution: A Journey with Katie Couric is a special two-hour documentary on the shifting landscape of gender. Although one’s gender identity is an intensely personal subject, the individuals in this feature agreed to share their stories. Journeys in Film created a guide that can help parents and educators better understand and discuss the meaning of gender."


"El Canto Del Colibri"

In an intimate and deeply personal documentary, immigrant Latino fathers across the U.S. recount the impact of their children’s coming out. Through raw, heartfelt testimonies, these families delve deeply into issues of immigration, prejudice, and isolation, while thoughtfully asking questions of their communities, culture, and even their religious beliefs. The result is a powerful lesson on solidarity and humility in a film that both heals and inspires.

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Imagine Dragons' front man Dan Reynolds explores how the Mormon church treats its LGBTQ members. With the rising suicide rate amongst teens in the state of Utah, his concern with the church's policies sends him on an path for change.



Research and reports utilized in many of The Acadami trainings.

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Anti-Violence Project

A NYC report covering hate and crime against LGBTQ folks. 
The site has many resources and information.

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"Top 25 Best Companies for LGBT Employees"

A great article covering some of the best U.S. employers for LGBTQ folks.

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Williams Institute - UCLA

The Williams Institute at UCLA has some leading data and research about LGBTQ topics, resources, and more.

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Trans Youth Project

Transgender youth study from the University of Washington.


Recovery Village

 LGBTQ Affirming Services

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