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From simple fitness to deeper, holistic life coaching, we offer lots of coaching options to fit your needs.


Choose Your OWN Adventure

At The Acadami, we know that one size DOES NOT fit all and some people lean more into connection and relationship, while others thrive with information with all sorts of variance in between.
That's why we offer multiple coaching styles so you can find your best fit for success.
Check out our options below!


Holistic Life Coaching

We are so much more than our bodies. Knowing that, we offer this program that is by far our most comprehensive level of coaching. Combining our knowledge and expertise in trauma, physical health, socio-emotional health, spiritual health, and overall wellness, we understand that many people struggle with weight and health because of much deeper narratives and experiences. This program does not stop at coaching for exercise and nutrition, but also opens up for conversations and coaching on a more holistic and broad perspective of humanness.

Highly suggested for those that may have struggles with emotional eating; self-sabotage; and who are looking for growth and expansion in more than the physical realm. 

Explore your own power with a Certified Life Coach (who is also your nutrition and exercise/Fitness Coach - Hooray for Holistic, Trauma Responsive Coaching) by your side with support, guidance, and perhaps most powerful: space for reflection, every step of the way.

Included in this option: Nutrition Coaching; Exercise Coaching; Life Coaching (financial, social, growth, or  challenge based).

(This is not therapy nor a replacement for. I am not a therapist or counselor. Please see a qualified professional for any mental health/mental illness needs.)


Personalized Fitness Coaching

This product is highly utilized and includes specific, unique to you nutrition and exercise coaching. This may include personalized meal/macro plans, personalized exercise plans, as well as access to free fitness education.


Your coach will check in with you weekly to review your dietary and exercise regiment and to provide step by step improvements to help move you towards your fitness goal(s).  

This is great for people with a big event coming up or a very specific goal in mind: a race or sporting event who want more targeted guidance and coaching. 


General Fitness Guidance & Education

This program is FREE to all. With this, you would track your food, water, and exercise in an app (cost associated) and each week your coach (a Certified Personal Trainer) will reach out with next steps to keep you moving towards your goal(s).

Through the app and this website, access to nutrition, exercise, and supplement education is included.  

This is great for people just getting into (or back into) heath and fitness, who just want a little more information and guidance than what's out there. Also great for people who know what they're doing for sustainable training, but just want to fill the gaps and get into a program to follow with their questions getting answered. 

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