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General Fitness Guidance & Education

General Fitness Guidance & Education

This program is FREE to all. With this, you would track your food, water, and exercise in an app (cost associated) and each week your coach (a Certified Personal Trainer) will reach out with next steps to keep you moving towards your goal(s).

Through the app and this website, access to nutrition, exercise, and supplement education is included.  

This is great for people just getting into (or back into) heath and fitness, who just want a little more information and guidance than what's out there. Also great for people who know what they're doing for sustainable training, but just want to fill the gaps and get into a program to follow with their questions getting answered. 

Scroll down for tons of nutrition, exercise, and supplementation education that you can explore at your own pace. 

Nutrition Education

Nutrition Education

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All Categories

Myths and Narratives


Nutrition Transcripts

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Myths & Narratives

Let's dive deep!


What exactly are calories?


WTF are macros anyway?!

Why Protein?

Anabolic V Catabolic


The real real about fuel


The most expensive macro

Post Workout Nutrition

The missing link to your results!

Gut Health

The unsung HERO of the body


The least sexy but highly important component to health

Protein/Meal Timing

Who, when and why?