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January, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes The Acadami Fitness different?
What is your coaching style?

At The Acadami Fitness, we believe in progress and learning, growth..not chasing some impossible idea of perfection. 

We don't believe in "good" or "bad" foods, or that you have to kill yourself every day in the gym.

We believe and we coach from a whole person, wellness perspective. This means that, family and social life; mental health; and spiritual health are all included in our fitness programming.

The #1 rule of Acadami Fitness is: NO self-shaming. We do not allow our clients to participate in negative self-talk or shaming. That is just not helpful to creating positive change in our lives. 

Acadami Fitness is not here to help people "get skinny in 10 days." We don't believe in "quick fixes" or cleanses or whattever other gimmicks are out there. We believe, we coach, and we hold our clients accountable for every day, small and sustainable progress; learning and growth; consistency; and dedication to finding their strongest self. 

How do I get started with the Acadami Fitness?

Step 1) download the Premium version of our app:

    -Step 1.5: Link your coach as your Advisor in the app


Step 2) Accept the invite to the Facebook Group/sign up for your Member's Area log in; review the posts/videos  

Step 3) Set up your profile in the app: 

  • Settings should be

    • Goal: lose body fat

    • Activity Level: Sedentary

    • Diet style: Macro/calorie counting

  • ​Take your progress pics​

  • Weigh in 

  • Enter measurements

The app will provide your calorie plans and workouts: follow them, make notes, check them as complete...get results. 

Connect with your coach for any questions! 

What's up with the Facebook Group?

The Acadami Fitness has a free Facebook Group for client education and support.

The group has videos, pictures, Live calls, and more available to anyone invited. Clients can invite friends and family to engage in free education here.

There is a Facebook Messenger Chat group for daily accountability for every 8 week challenge. 

Clients and coaches can connect and communicate and support one another here.

Anyone interested in wellness and fitness can join if invited by a member.

The App FAQs

  • How do I download?

Use the link at the bottom of this section

  • How do I Iink you as my Advisor?

Using the link above should automatically link Ami as your Advisor. If you have another coach, you will need their link OR

Go into your app menu on the left: Navigate to "My Advisor," if Jeremy or anyone other than your coach is there, click "drop Advisor." Then, you'll invite your coach using their e-mail. For example, if Ami Davis is your coach, you will use the e-mail: and "invite."

Your coach will need to approve the invitation and then you'll be linked.

  • How do I track food in the app?

You can use both the search and the scanner in the app for tracking food. You will need the Premium version for best results and the most access to tools. You should have your profile set to "calorie/macro" counting, which will allow for you to track any food. If you choose to do "portion control" or "macro meal plan," the foods available are limited as that is meant to act as a guide of approved foods for you. 

  • How do I track workouts?

Within the "my workouts" area of the app, you can log in weight and reps using the lines to the right of the exercise, then mark the workout complete when you're done. If you modify anything, please add that to your "workout notes."

If you are not sure how to do a movement, or need to substitute it, click the "i" with a circle around it next to the movement for information and potential modifications. 

If you are working from a plan written for you by your coach, you can mark the workout as complete and detail your workout in the notes section. It may say something like, "Did your routine, Day 1. Completed in 45 minutes with the following weights: ____."

  • Can I do workouts that are not in the app? If so, how can I track those?

Yes, please see above. As written by your coach and/or any approved routine that you enjoy, just be sure to still mark that day's workout as complete and put what you did in the workout notes.

- Speak to your coach about expectations here - 

  • How do I complete an assessment in the app?

Navigate to the app menu on the left, top corner: click "take assessment." The app will guide you through answering the questions and then taking pictures. It is highly suggested that you weigh in and take measurements as well, each week.

  • Do I have to take progress pictures?

It is not necessarily a mandate here at Acadami Fitness, however, most of us are online coaches and pictures are the only way we get to see your progress. We are all highly trained to analyze body composition in order to appropriately adjust your plans. We cannot help what we cannot see and therefore, pictures are a great tool to your success. It is important to remember that your coaches are not looking at your pictures to judge you or to shame you and your pictures will never be shared without your consent. 

Your coach will have their own expectations here, but experience tells us that everyone ALWAYS regrets not taking their initial pictures/measurements. It is a best, suggested practice even though it can be uncomfortable at first. That's why you're here, right?! We can't fix what we aren't willing to even look at honestly.

Some tips for taking progress pictures:

If you're feeling uncomfortable,


Good: Pictures with loose, comfortable clothing on with measurements

Better: Tight fitting clothing and measurements


Female bodied folks: Sports bra and shorts

Male bodied folks: Shorts and no shirt

(no nudity, please)

!! Remember, the app has a timer feature, so you can move back from the camera to get your whole body in the shot !!


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